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Pete Villa, Engine Captain... Back from his detail on the Sierra N.F.
last year.

Randy Owings, Fire Engine Operator... Back in my position at last!

Danny Nasser, Assistant Fire Engine Operator

This is Jeff Schwartz. He is from Sacramento California.
Jeff is married and is expecting another family member before long, his first.
He has had fire training at Butte Fire Academy in Chico Ca.,
as well as Washington State Fire Academy.
In addition, Jeff spent 4 years on active duty in the U.S. Navy
as a firefighter aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72. For a less amusing
picture of Jeff, click here.

Meet Krstofer Evans. Mr. Evans is a geek at heart, and a joker as well.
We are still having trouble deciding which way to spell his name, and he hasn't helped us much,
being willing to go along with almost any spelling.
Krs, or as we prefer to spell it, Chris, spent 3 seasons on the OC crew out of
Quincy Ca. and was on the Engine at Mohawk, then 1-81, for one season.
After working as a firefighter, he spent 4 years in the
U.S. Airforce as an Enlisted Terminal Attack Controller.
When I asked him what that was, he referred me to the following web page:
As I said, Chris is a geek, and to get to know him, visit his web page. Krstofer
For a less tongue-in-cheek picture of Chris, try this.


Chris has been traded to the Plumas Hotshots
for Rodney Wolfgang. He is going to be missed, but
at least he will now be going to fires instead
of mowing, weedeating, and washing the Engine.
Good Luck KRS, Chris, or whatever your name was!

Big Pete Crudo. He is from Reno, Nevada.
I took this picture as we were looking at a lightning fire on the hill.
It could have been Pete's first fire, but Engine 13 from Frenchman got there ahead of us.
Pete worked before this as a carpenter apprentice, and as a forklift driver.
He graduated from Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Reno, and was active in track and basketball.
Pete likes to camp and is into rock climbing.
He was also a basketball player for 2 years in the Fillipino League. With all that, we expect good things from him as a firefighter.

Martin Mays, the last crew member to be hired
for this year's crew. Martin is single,
from Santa Clarita California. He attended the
Allen Hancock College Fire Academy for his formal
fire training. He had to leave his EMT class
early to come to work for us. When I asked Martin
what he did in his spare time he told me
he plays guitar, softball and drinks beer.
He didn't specify the order of those activities. He came a long way to work on Engine 14, now
let's hope he can see some good fire while he's here.

Rod's Back!!
Rodney Wolfgang came back to us from the Plumas Hotshots.
Rodney last worked on Engine 14 in 1997.
Before that he worked on a hand crew stationed
at Laufman. When the hand crew was dissolved from
lack of funding, he came to work with us on the Engine.
He had tried to get on the Hotshot crew, and
in 1998 finally made it. We were sorry to see him leave then,
so we are just as glad to have him back now.
Rod lives in Reno. His first day back
we had this fire... check it out! 395 Fire

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