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2004 Crew

This year's crew is an interesting bunch. Everybody seems to have a pretty good sense of humor, as you might be able to tell from some of the poses they gave me when I told them I needed a picture for the web page. We've had a couple of little fires since we got together as a crew, and everyone there worked well in that capacity. I am carrying a digital camera on the engine this season, so hopefully there will be lots of fire photo's to put up. I already have a few I took on the fires we already had, so at the bottom of this page there will be a link to them. Anyway, here is the crew:

I'm Randy Owings, the head cheeze on this engine crew. Here it is, my last fire season. Can't say I'm all that sad about it, some days I just don't like having to go to work. Problem is, I am going to miss all the friends I have made in this job, and the initial attack adrenaline rush. Unfortunately there are many things I won't miss, and they far out weigh the good stuff, so it's time to move on..

This is Rene' Sarabia. I've said it before, and it remains true today, Rene' is the gear that makes this machine run. There, said it differently this time. I have high hopes that Rene' will get the job of Engine Captain after I retire, but no matter what happens, he is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He and I seem to compliment each other, and even though he gives me fits occasionally, you can't ask for a better employee or friend.

Here's Gabe Fetzek, he is from Minnesota. Gabe is on loan to me from Engine 16 this season. I'm hoping to be able to keep him all season, but if they fill the Captain position on E-16, I guess he will be going back to his crew. Gabe is the AFEO on 16, and is filling in on my crew in that capacity. I'm happy to have him.

Chris Marson came back to my crew this year. He was on Engine 15 last season, and I was hoping to get him hired as an apprentice, but it didn't happen last fall. Chris spent quite a bit of time last summer with the Plumas Hotshots, and I'm hoping to have him around a little more this year, but if the Hotshots need a body, he will certainly get another opportunity to go with them. Chris comes to us from Wisconsin.

Meet Alex Barrera. Alex is from Corcoran California. He and his brother Abel were just selected as apprentices in the last hiring go around. He has lots of stuff to learn, and will be attending the Basic Academy soon, probably next winter. Alex has a class A drivers license, and has experience as a diesel mechanic, which undoubtably will come in handy on our crew.

This is Steven Duart. Steve is a local guy, and he takes alot of good natured joking about being from Doyle. It's early in the season, but so far Steve has proven himself to be punctual, and a self starter. He has learned quickly and he makes a fine addition to the crew. Hopefully he will see some good fire this year, as he seems to be chomping at the bit. I like that in a first year firefighter.

Here's Courtney Wood. Courtney started about a month later than everyone else since she was still going to college. She worked last year on the Shasta-Trinity, and prior to that, she worked on the Modoc. Courtney is a quiet one so I have to dig some more information out of her, but I think she said this is her 5th season.


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